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Since moving to our new UK headquarters and laboratories in May 2015, we have been strengthening our resource to improve capacity and service levels. We now have a team of 32 qualified engineers giving us one of the largest Ex Product Certification/Hazardous Locations teams anywhere in the world and the capacity to handle a large volume of projects.

Another key advantage of our move and expansion is CSA Group’s ability to offer Triple Approvals under one roof. Our clients can now benefit from our ability to deliver ATEX, IECEx and CSA approvals combined with fast project turnarounds. The benefits to our clients are significant in terms of cost efficiency and time to market – as confirmed by feedback like this received from ecom, a company specialising in producing devices for use in hazardous areas.


Ecom Mobile Security

“The project was started at CSA/Sira on a very tight deadline to deliver the world’s first Zone 1 / Division 1 Tablet Computer for delivery to a number of large industry customers. Project milestones and deadlines were set out by ecom from the start and all the way through the project CSA/Sira worked closely with ecom to meet these expectations.”

“ecom was very fortunate to have selected CSA/Sira as their approvals partner for this and other important approvals over the last two years as major target deadlines have been achieved for international approvals. This is the first certification body ecom has worked with that was able to deliver ‘Hazloc’ (Hazardous Locations) and ‘Ordinary Location’ approvals in a single office to a very tight deadline achievable only through their dedicated team of engineers and management staff.”

ecom is one of hundreds of clients CSA Group currently works with in the UK and globally. Contact us if you would be interested to hear more about our unique capabilities, or would like us to help with your next approval project.

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In 2009 CSA Group acquired Sira Certification Service, the EU Notified Body for ATEX approvals, IECEx Certification

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