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CSA Group – Providing Sira Certification and CSA Approvals

Sira has come a long way since its inception in 1918 as a scientific research organisation for the British optics industry, to now being one of many certification services offered by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA Group).

Having been part of CSA Group for over 6 years, in May 2015 Sira merged with another CSA-UK company in Leyland, and formed a new legal entity “CSA Group Testing UK Ltd”.

Many of our clients have asked us of late “What has happened to Sira Certification?”

So, has Sira Certification now disappeared?

A resounding No! Sira Certification Service (SCS) is still the Notified Body for ATEX activities and IECEx CB & ExTL for IECEx approvals. We are still issuing Sira certificates – and have already issued over 900 in 2015 (just ATEX and IECEx alone, not to mention our QAN/QAR, Management systems, MCERTS and personnel certification certificates).

Sira is still a visible presence and many of our clients regularly ask us for Sira artwork and certification marks that can be used on product labels and literature.

Sira marks and references continue to be seen on millions of products in the field.

You can find out more about our Sira Certification services here, our explore the history of Sira and CSA here.

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