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CSA Group


CSA Group

For nearly a century, CSA Group has helped deliver confidence and peace of mind to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers around the world. From early beginnings developing standards for railway bridges to today’s latest sustainability technologies, the Group and its companies are continuously developing innovative standards and testing programs for the most advanced emerging technologies.

Why CSA Group?

With the experience and knowledge of thousands of volunteer members, more than 1,800 in-house technical experts and nearly a century of experience in standards development and product certification, we offer you the solutions you need to operate and live in today’s world, and the guidance to drive you towards success tomorrow.

Expertise Around the Globe

No matter where you are, our extensive global network can help provide personalised, local support for all of your product evaluation and certification needs. We work with industry, government and consumers to develop and harmonise standards that streamline access to global markets and provide peace of mind.

Accredited and Recognised Worldwide

We are accredited to develop standards and have a reputation for working internationally to harmonise standards for global markets. Our accredited and recognised testing & certification programs are delivered through our network of offices and testing labs in North America, Europe and Asia.

Advancing Today, Anticipating Tomorrow

Technology changes quickly, and the needs of industry and consumers right along with it. We offer expertise for you today, and guidance to help anticipate where technology is headed tomorrow. Whether you’re working with proven, emerging or cutting-edge technologies, we can help you find the right path.

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